disneyland acid trip

My uncle’s ticket to see Nirvana live,
The very same day Kurt committed suicide.

la majorité ce sont les moutons.
Les fous, les alienés, les anti-connerie, les antisociales, les originaux, c’est le reste.

In a parallel universe the Kennedy’s got it #Obama #leonardpeltier #freepeltier #clemency #shoppedtattoos #kennedys #jackieo #jfk

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This is what I can’t wait for. The sex is great, sure, but I can’t wait to be able to just be with someone in the shower and laugh and giggle like that. He’s not even looking at her body, he’s just loving on her happiness. Showers are like my escape from reality for a little while, and to spend those blissful moments with the one I love just seems perfect.